Partner With Us

We partner with the best fitness centers (vendors) and provide them with a supplement to their sales channel and by joining us vendors will get:-

1. More customers

We have managed to make a database of (approx.) 10 lakh users of fitness centers in north India and will be developing a corporate relationship with many companies to provide high quality and more clients and long term customers.

2. Higher revenue

Growing importance of fitness has shown inelasticity in demand for reliable centers leading to a certain increment in revenue, apart from this, vendors will get monetary benefits for good reviews and will be a part of regular and healthy competitions that will most importantly be a platform for introspection and rubbing shoulders against other fitness centers like yours.

3. Easy manageable

Hojaofit will provide the management of fitness centers a platform from where they can easily manage their fitness centre without any headache of staff and money management.

4. Free listing

We will list fitness center free of cost but we will charge commission (min 1 %) of your choice.

5. Marketing and brand exposure

We at hojaofit have an international level of marketing team that will help the vendors to reach new heights and customers.

6. Easy to use Technology

We have developed a user friendly website which is operable with ease. Vendors can even update their prices in a hassle free manner.

7. Comparability

Vendors can compare their offers and facilities with that of other vendors listed on in a detailed manner and manage their centers in a more efficient manner.

8. Customer support 24/7

Vendors and customers can contact us by anytime writing on or call 0184-4031764 or 9896150127.

9. After sale and presale service

We provide a large number of presale and post sale services such as marketing etc and we provide free instructions and prescription to customers.

10. No free trails

A much needed relief is been granted to the vendors which is practically impossible to find elsewhere, that Fitness vendors will not be losing a single penny from their pocket in providing free trails to customers (there is always some money value of services)

11. Platform to show case

Hojaofit will provide a huge platform where Vendors can showcase their fitness centers in a risk free manner.

12. Reviews and ratings

Vendors will get real time reviews and ratings from the customers they serve.