Frequently Asked Questions

I have sent the invite. When will I get HOJAOFIT Money?

  • If the referral is valid then HOJAOFIT Money (amount as per the “Invite & Earn” program) will be credited to your account within 48 hrs after the friend purchase.                                 

What qualifies as a Valid Referral ?

  • A referral qualifies as valid:
  • For a given phone no .and email , the referred friend signup HOJAOFIT for the first time.

How many friends can I invite? What is the maximum HOJAOFIT Money that I can earn through this program ?

  • You can invite any number of friends, but the maximum HOJAOFIT Money you can have at any point of time through the “Invite & Earn” program is Rs. 5000 for India. When your HOJAOFIT Money balance through “Invite & Earn” program reaches its upper limit, any valid referral you make will not increase this balance. But if you consume some of this balance towards a new booking, then valid referrals will add to this balance till the balance reaches its upper limit.

Can HOJAOFIT Money be transferred or combined?

  • HOJAOFIT Money cannot be transferred or exchanged for any cash. HOJAOFIT Money accrued in multiple accounts cannot be combined into one HOJAOFIT Money account.