About Us

Hojaofit.com, India’s leading online fitness aggregator company has been recently launched in 2016 by Pulkit Goel. Created to empower the Indian fitness industry with an instant booking and availability of comprehensive choices, it is aimed to offer a wide range of highly valued services along with the cutting-edge technology and a dedicated round-the-clock customer support.

With Hojaofit you can access services like gym,yoga,zumba and aerobics along with the rare facility of generating prescription and instructions at an absolutely zero charge. ( FREE)

Our mission is to make our customers achieve fitness and we do so by bridging the gap between where you think your fitness is and where you want your fitness level to be.

People can book gym , yoga , zumba and aerobics and can most importantly change their fitness center inter- city or intra- city as per their convenience. Being reliable, efficient and at the forefront of technology , Hojaofit’s commitment and customer-centricity allows it to understand and provide support for its customers’ diverse needs and wants, and deliver on a consistent basis. With a dedicated team that provides 24x7 customer support, we aspire to turn HOJAOFIT into a fitness platform of international repute.